Interactive session: the power of the dietitian

How can you be more influential? By learning more about the role of the dietitian as a message sender; by knowing everything there is to know about your audience.

In this session you will learn how to evaluate and react to information presented in (social) media and how to garner more attention for yourself. You will find out what kind of dietitian you are, who your clients are, and how to be more influential with your audiences.


Zanna Hofstede

Zanna Hofstede has 12,1.000  followers on Instagram. She will teach you how you can reach a greater public on social media as a dietitian? What kind of dietitian are you? You can always reach your target audience. But how can you reach them? Zanna will tell you more about her strategy of influencing her target audience and hopes she inspires you to influence and reach your target audience as a dietitian.

Brigitte Binneweg

Based on a segmentation model you can see that every client has a different motivation and a fundamental nutrition need. That is why everyone needs a different approach in order to be motivated. As a dietitian you can tailor your approach based on your client needs to become more effective.

Erin Boyd Kappelhof

Whether it’s a farm, a supermarket, a hospital, a school, or many other settings in between, the reach of the dietitian profession is increasingly broadening. This wonderfully diverse profession – coupled with expertise in food, nutrition science and behavior change – gives dietitians a unique position to have a voice within many different spheres of influence. In this presentation, Erin will share her international nutrition communication experience as well as other examples of how dietitians can tap into their power as influencers.

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