Saturday – Posters

Please find and overview of posters that can be visited in the main conference room on Saturday below.
During lunch there will be two guided poster tours starting at 13.00 hrs. A selection of posters will be presented by the authors.

Click here for the posters on Friday

Theme: Clinical Practice

Guided poster tour C- Clinical Practice will start  at 13.00 hrs

1Presentation during tour
What lies at the core of dietetic practice? Exploring the client-dietitian relationship across three key settings
Annaliesa Nagy
2Presentation during tour
Patient Satisfaction with Hospital Foodservice Quality
Josip Rešetar
3Presentation during tour
Evaluation of nutrition service provision in a Day Hospital setting
Emma Fox
4Presentation during tour
The Development of a Standard Model of the Unified Dietetic Care Process – Results of the IMPECD Project
Kathrin Kohlenberg-Mueller
5Nutritional Assessment and Eating Habits of Patients with Pressure Ulcers
Sara Pezzatini
6Comfort Feeding in Patients with Advanced Cancer:  A Secondary Analysis of the ALIM-K Randomized Study
Ghislain Grodard
7Morning, lunch-time and evening intake of micronutrients among Croatian adolescents
Josip Resetar
8Successful Nutrition Care Process implementation is associated to organizational factors
Elin Lövestam
9Nutrition care promotion in food allergy patients in Czech Republic
Veronika Spáčilová
10Nutrition diagnosis as a process step – importance and implications
Ute Hager

Theme: Public Health

Guided poster tour D – Public Health will start  at 13.00 hrs

11Presentation during tour
Development of an abbreviated food frequency questionnaire for assessing dietary iron intake in schoolchildren: Lessons learnt
Charlene Goosen
12Presentation during tour
Performance of different Nutrient Profile Models in the assessment of breakfast cereals
Maria Assumpta Casas Camí
13Presentation during tour
The self-perceived knowledge, skills and attitudes of Pharmacy students at Ulster University in relation to providing nutrition advice
Pauline Douglas
14Presentation during tour
Short-term effects of alcohol and sugars on cognitive functions in young, healthy adults Randomized, controlled cross-over study
Merle Vollgraf & Laura Jausz
15Special Olympics Belgium – Healthy Athletes Program – Health Promotion and the role of dietitians
Diane Buekers
16Staff and Student Health and Wellness at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University: Current status and needs assessment
Yolande Smit
17Peoples barriers, perception and needs about lifestyle related health risk to facilitate implementation in primary care;
Erica Rutten
18Social Networking Opportunities for Dietitians: Shaping Youth’s Healthy Lifestyle Skills
Erika Kubilienė 
19Estimation of cadmium load from soybeans and soy–based foods for vegetarians
Pavlína Kosečková
20Low-grade inflammatory status, derived from the inflammatory potential of the diet, physical activity level and abdominal obesity, and risk of colorectal cancer in the EPIC study
Paula Jakszyn
21Staff and Student Health and Wellness at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University: Current status and needs assessment
Yolande Smit
22Minimum nutritional standards for catering in health and social care, for staff and visitors
Joana Caldeira Fernandes da Silva
23Preliminary results for 12 month-change in BMI, %BF and waist circumference at American working population after following a mediterranean diet intervention
Maria Romanidou
24Iodine, folic acid and iron – A qualitative study on information use behavior of primipara and first-time mothers
Jennifer Hagen
25Decreased prevalence of Childhood Obesity in Greece: Results from WHO Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative 2009-2016
Pagkalos Ioannis 
26Effects of nutrition related social media content on dietary behavior of adolescents and young adults
S. Zieger