Malnutrition and dietary treatment in older adults

With an ageing population and growing pressures on health and social care systems, there is a need to maintain quality of life and independence in older adults. Good nutrition plays a huge role in maintaining health, prevention of malnutrition and its consequences. Preventing malnutrition, sarcopenia and frailty will ultimately enable older people to remain active and independent in their activities of daily living. Our session will discuss nutritional challenges faced in this population group and strategies to improve nutritional intake and nutritional status.


Stacey Jones – Principal Lecturer, Coventry University

Elisabet Rothenberg – Associate Professor, Kristianstad University, President SWESPEN

Dorothee Volkert – Professor of Clinical Nutrition in the Elderly, University of Erlangen

Harriët Jager-Wittenaar – Professor of Malnutrition and Healthy Ageing, Hanze University

More information

Here you can find more information about this session and the other session on day 2 of the conference.