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Updates from the EFAD Conference in Berlin!
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Next year: International Congress of Dietetics (ICD):
15 – 18 September 2020. Improving Nutrition * Unlocking Potential * Accelerating Change at Cape Town, South Africa.

We have to say goodbye now. It was exciting, thought provoking, interesting, new. Until the next EFAD Conference good bye and travel home safely.

New approaches for tomorrow’s patients dinner, @PatientenNL @eupatientsforum Cees Smit circle of health care contacts🤭 🙏🏼Thank you for this important insights. #dietitians @EfadLive @efad_org #EFAD2019

Lobbying for reimbursement of dietetic care in Belgium. Membership from a association is important for dietitians. #advocating #strenght is in numbers #EFAD2019 @efad_org @EfadLive thanks to Rian van Schaik

#NutritionHub founder @simonekfrey tells #EFAD2019: "The nutrition profession should be at the centre of food innovation & communication...there is so much to be inspired by!" #foodfutures #nutritionpower #foodscience #nutritionscience #healthyfoods #evidencebasednutrition

Easy acces to the Dietitians is very important according to the patients Marian Nijhuis! Next time @efad_org #EFAD2019 should anticipate on other ways to make you able to present! @EfadLive 🤭

Thanks Marian Nijhuis for bringing this patient experiences to the dietitians! Dietitians break boundaries: listen & be open to suggestions of your clients 🤭@efad_org @EfadLive Practice based evidence! #EFAD2019

At the #efad2019 conference in Berlin. Session by @NtlDairyCouncil covering ways to prevent food waste. Recommendation to check our book by @tobyamidor Smart Meal Prep for Beginners #rdchat

Proud to share how the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation @eatright is building capacity for nutrition and dietetics professionals to promote sustainable food systems at #EFAD2019 @efad_org @EfadLive

The US-based @NtlDairyCouncil picks through dairy sector responses to sustainable food supply challenges on a global scale at the #EFAD2019 #nutrition congress in Berlin today ...

#SDGs #sustainabledevelopment
#foodfutures #foodwaste

Looking forward to ‘Breaking Professional Boundaries – a way to reach further without breaking’ by Prof. Agneta Hörnell, EFAD European Dietetic Fellowship Award 2018. See you there!! @EfadLive #EFAD2019

Salute! Sustainable life is the merging topic! The wake up call for #dietitians 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️@efad_org Thanks @LIBouwman for bringing salutogenic perspectives to #EFAD2019 @EfadLive

Fifth and last round of parallel sessions starts at 14:15h:
5A.Research added value to teaching👩‍🏫
5B.Obesity management in Europe👩‍⚕️
5C.Prevention and workplace health promotion👩‍⚕️
5D.Involvement of dietitians in primary care👨‍⚕️
5E.Sustainable solutions for feeding the world 🥗

Congratulations to the winners of the California Prune Board survey who’s prize was attending #EFAD2019! Congrats to: Alice Vianni, Anna Tallarini, Lorna Breeze, Simonetta Zieger (on the photo) and to Katrin Fuchse!🍾🍾🍾

“Food systems sustainability is fundamental to the profession of nutrition and dietetics” - @eatright fellow @MarieSpiker in today’s @efad_org session on Taking Sustainable Diets Forward

Sustainable health through the life span | Nutrition as a smart Investment for Europe! @efad_org white paper #gamechanger 🙏🏼 many EFAD dietitians and lead by @EBoydKappelhof 🌹@EfadLive #EFAD2019

After exciting morning sessions and thought provoking messages the time for a break is approaching. Lunch time everyone!🥗🥗🥗 Guided poster sections 🧠too!#EFAD2019

Swedish guidelines take into account environmental aspects of food consumption. They have sustainability as an important part of the guidelines. #EFAD2019

Nuestra compañera @MariaMarquesDN de @EvidNutrition y @EfadLive modera la sesión “Inspiring Interprofessional education ”Con Sofie Joossens y @brianpowerRD de la universidad de Bélgica y Londres. @aedninforma #EFADConference2019 #EFAD2019

Great start to today’s conference @efad_org gut Microbiota for health a great resource for professionals and students to gain an overview of current evidence @EHU_FHSCM #nutrition #healthcare #guthealth

At 11:15h parallel sessions round four starts. Choose from:
4A. Workshop: How to write an abstract
4B. Between theory and practice in oncology
4C. Taking sustainable diets forward
4D. Working together across disciplines
4E. The Dairy Matrix: a new approach-health and food

Good morning from Berlin at #EFAD2019 ! Have you taken your Urine Color Chart to check your hydration 💦? Or the publication 📃 about water & health? 👇If not, stop by the #EUHHAC booth! #water #HealthyHydration

Third round of parallel sessions starts at 9:00am. A lot of great choices:
3A. Inspiring interprofessional education
3B. Malnutrition and dietary treatment in older adults
3C. Nutrition: Athlete’s Ally
3D. Possibilities of E-Health tools
3E. Diet-Microbiota interactions#EFAD2019

Good morning! Have you been partying last night💃🕺? Now is time for breakfast☕🥗, because we start with another round of interesting sessions at 9:00am🧠🧠. #EFAD2019

Notification for the Conference early birds:
at 7:15am Tai Chi will be at the terrace🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️ and morning run will be guided through Berlin 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️. Energize yourself for another exciting day at the Conference. Do not forget breakfast 🥗☕. #EFAD2019

If you are an early bird, tomorrow morning, you can enjoy Tai Chi or Morning Run or just enjoy #EFAD2019.🧘‍♀️🏃‍♂️

And we are slowly closing the Conference for today. Now you can relax or prepare for the Conference dinner and get to enjoy our DJ.🍾🍵🥗🕺💃#EFAD2019

After the break interesting parallel sessions:
2A. The influential power of the dietitian 💪💪
2B. Diet and technology progress in the Diabetes practice 🧠🧠
2C. Making meals matter 🌮🌮
2D. What’s new? 🧠🧠
2E. Health benefits of plant-based eating: the way forward 🥬 #EFAD2019

Understanding attitudes to change to healthier hydration habits: The case of
high sugar – low water drinkers in Mexico.
Aukje Verhoeven, Ph.D., Danone Nutricia Research, explained that good intentions do not always get to be acted out. #EFAD2019

Visit one of the exciting afternoon parallel sessions: 2A. The influential power of the dietitian 💪💪
2B. Diet and technology progress in the Diabetes practice 🧠🧠
2C. Making meals matter 🌮🌮
2D. What’s new? Oral – presentations of original research. #EFAD2019

Plenary session at 14h in the main room. Hydration and Metabolic Health for all curious about what are impacts of water 💦 on metabolic health? How to understand people’s behavior 🧠? #EFAD2019

At 11am we had interesting parallel sessions:
1A. People-centered care 1B. ESPEN-EFAD workshop 1C. Nudging for PH 1D. Updates on EU research
1E. Low calorie sweeteners
At 12:30 is lunch and guided poster tour. At 14:00 is the Plenary session on Healthy Hydration Awareness.

Curious about what are the impact of water 💦 on metabolic health? How to understand people’s behavior 🧠? 📣 Join the session at 14h in the main room to find out ! #EFAD2019 @EfadLive

We need multi criteria approaches. It is not only about nutrients. The full presentation is in everyone's mailbox. Food systems and sustainability – the contribution of nutrition Tommy Cederholm – Uppsala University, Sweden.#EFAD2019

Breaking Boundaries in the Education of German Dietitians. Uta Köpcke, President German Association of Dietitians stressed that German Association was one of the founders of EFAD. #EFAD2019

Opening speech message is that dietitians can make a difference in sustainable health and in increase in life span. Dietetic advice is cost effective. EFAD demonstrated that @WHO!

The Conference started with our Annemieke van Ginkel-Res, EFAD Honorary President opening speech. We welcome 480 participants from 21 countries! #EFAD2019

Are you all enjoying your breakfast? Are you ready for the opening session? Half an hour more and we will start with the #EFADConference2019. #EFAD2019

Conference opening session will start at 9am. We are so excited to offer a day full of learning, meeting new colleagues and breaking professional boundaries!
It will soon become lively at the Conference venue. Do not be late for the opening! #EFAD2019