We met at a conference!

One of the reasons to subscribe for the EFAD conference is to meet new people. Helena and Lora met at a conference. Helena is from the Netherlands. She met Lora from Indonesia.

When did you meet?

We met at the ICDA in Granada in 2016.

Do you remember the exact moment?

Yes I do! During the opening ceremony there was a special moment: ‘presenting the flags’. Because my mother is from Indonesia I was extra alert when the Indonesian flag was presented. I saw one small lady standing up.

What happened next?

During the break I was immediately researching for her and found her at the food section. Indonesian people just love food haha

How was the communication?

Perfect, because I speak ‘Bahasa’, the Indonesian language. But we both speak English too of course.

And after that?

That was so nice! From that moment we (and some other dietitians) were a close group. We visited some workshops together and went out for dinner.

What happened after the conference?

We stayed in touch! I met Lora again two years ago in Jakarta and she showed me the tea plantations next to the city. And a week ago Lora was in the Netherlands! I showed her Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Kinderdijk.

What makes this contact so special?

It is special to know someone with more or less the same profession. Even though I am working in communication and she in a hospital, there is still a lot to compare and to discuss.

What do you want to share with other dietitians?

Go to the EFAD conference and meet dietitians from other countries! It is really special to have international dietitians in your network and great fun too!

Do you want to know more about Helena Smit? Visit her website.