Friday – Posters

Please find and overview of posters that can be visited in the main conference room on Friday below.
During lunch there will be two guided poster tours starting at 12.45 hrs. A selection of posters will be presented by the authors.

Click here for the posters on Saturday

Theme: Education

Guided poster tour A- Education will start  at 12.45 hrs

1Presentation during tour
Educative intervention to improve the competence of Mexican physicians to manage nutritionally Diabetes Type 2
Carlos Cabrera
2Presentation during tour
Nutrition intervention improves quality of life in chronic pain patients
Jelena Balkić 
3Presentation during tour
Differences in knowledge, awareness and practices of hydration between dietetic students and other students at Ulster University
Pauline Douglas
4Presentation during tour
Development of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about malnutrition in older adults: An innovative approach for improvement
Doris Eglseer
5IMPECD: Similarities and differences in the use of ICF and PASR by students in setting a dietetic diagnosis
Andrea Werkman
6Perceptions of Nutrition Education and the Role of Dietitians at a Medical School in the Czech Republic: Preliminary Results
Victoria Hawk
7Empowering social workers in healthy eating habits and the impact on vulnerable families
Pilar Muro Sans

Theme: Research

Guided poster tour B- Research will start at 12.45 hrs

8Presentation during tour
Pilot and evaluation of a dietetic and community pharmacy led service for patients who require prescribed oral nutritional supplements (ONS)
Lynsey Robinson
9Presentation during tour
The effects of therapeutic fasting on body composition and psychological and physical well-being. Therapeutic fasting as a dietary intervention for overweight people.
Paula Mauser
10Presentation during tour
Evidence-based practice in the dietitian practice: knowledge, attitudes, barriers and facilitators of Belgian dietitians
Erika Vanhauwaert
11Presentation during tour
Sarcopenia in the geriatric rehabilitation clinic: call for improvement. A mixed-method study of protein intake and opportunities in nutritional care.
Rebekka Beukers
12Presentation during tour
Free sugars and health: a knowledge engineering map
Patricia Martinez López
13The prevalence of obesity among adolescent students in Akure Metropolis, Ondo State Nigeria
Samuel Olufemi
14You are what you DON’T eat!: Findings of the Scottish Oral Nutritional Supplement (ONS) Short Life Working Group (SLWG)
Lynsey Robinson
15Prevalence of Obesity and Overweight Among Primary Health Care workers within the Local Communities of Abeokuta Ogun state Nigeria
Yemi Olayiwola
16Evaluation of Dietary Intake and Body Composition of American Football Players
Bartu Eren Güneşliol
17Structures of in-patient nutrition counseling and therapy for process driven work in a clinical centre – results of the project MoDiVe
Maren Peuker
18Parent’s perceptions of the challenges and barriers to implementing a parent led intervention for food selectivity in children with Autism
Claire Blennerhassett
19The Dietary Self-Efficacy in Normal Weight Obesity Women with Menstrual Abnormalities
Aleksandra Bykowska-Derda
20Nutritional status, dietary habits and the effects of hormonal therapy on appetite in subjects with gender dysphoria
Ezgi Kolay
21Nutritional therapy for Patients with hyperuricemia and gout – Survey about status quo and methods to increase motivation for dietary changes
Katrin Sattler
22MyFoodlog: mobile application for overweight patients being treated by a self- employed dietitian in Belgium
An-Sofie Pinket
23Study of the correlation between the satiety state and the sweet taste perception threshold in a group of female volunteers on Greek descent
Virginia Kefala
24Food sensor technology as a measure to promote a healthy diet. Pilot project at the agricultural colleges of Styria
Daniela Grach
25The effects of therapeutic fasting on body composition and psychological and physical well-being. Therapeutic fasting as a dietary intervention for overweight people
Daniela Grach
26Impact of a structured education programme to overcome barriers to injectable treatment for type 2 diabetes. A randomized control trial
Alyson Hill
27Human milk composition: overview of systematic reviews
María E. Marqués
28Study on sociocultural factors that influence the diet of Pakistani women resident in Barcelona
Saba Anwar
29Sustained body composition change during 6-month follow-up after combined lifestyle intervention in older adults with obesity and type 2 diabetes
Robert Memelink
30Nutrition program at workplace – a nutrition action research project
Vania Costa