7 reasons for not missing the EFAD conference

Maybe you haven’t decided yet to subscribe for the EFAD conference. That’s such a pity! We give you 7 reasons to decide last minute to come to Berlin.

  1. It is unique opportunity!

Sounds like an open door, but it really is a unique opportunity for every dietitian in Europe. At the conference you can exchange knowledge on dietetic issues, learn about dietetics in other countries and have fun. That is such a unique combination

  1. You can cross borders

‘Crossing professional boundaries’ is the Conference topic and Berlin is the city where walls are broken down, integrating east and west. Boundaries should also be broken in dietetics and we will start the process in Berlin.

  1. You want to gain knowledge and inspiration

We have a very strong scientific program and a lot of inspiring workshops. And you can get “hands on” experience of nutritional assessment techniques in the assessment street (link) – a rare opportunity to brush up your skills

  1. Berlin is a great city!

Berlin in a city like no other! It is such an exciting cultural hub for everyone. There are many reasons people visit Berlin. Some come for the partying, some come for the history, and some come to just soak in the culture and open-mindedness of the city.

  1. You meet many other dietitians

Over 450 of your colleagues have already registered for the Conference and they want to meet YOU!  Regardless whether you are a clinical dietitian, working in primary care, foodservice or higher education, working together with other professionals will improve patient outcomes.  Come to the Conference, exchange ideas and extend your network!

  1. You can dance, dance, dance

It is hardly a secret that dietitians love to dance. After the conference dinner it is time to hit the dance floor where our own DJ will get everybody moving to the beats!

  1. You want to do something spontaneous and a little bit crazy…

Life is so organized. Do something spontaneous! Time for you, to focus on professional topics, meet other dietitians and have time for yourself.

How does that sound? Did we convince you? You can register here!