6 reasons to come to the EFAD Conference

The EFAD Conference Programme includes topics for all roles of a dietitian. You can find a research, an education, a clinical, a public health and a food service track as well. If you are interested in what our collaborators have to say to the dietitians’ community in Europe, you will be in the perfect place for get these informations. This year’s title, Breaking Professional Boundaries speaks for itself. We give you 6 reason to come to the EFAD Conference in Berlin:

  1. Amazing learning opportunity with expert discussions, posters and original research presentations. View the program here.
  2. The conference is about breaking professional boundaries: when do you cross your boundaries?  What are the challenges, what are the gains? Do dietitians need to break more boundaries?
  3. You can network with colleagues from other countries and maybe even arrange a work/study visit in another European country or find a vacation address ;-).
  4. Practice your German (and your English, and your French, and your Dutch, and your Spanish and your Greek and Italian).
  5. Meet the experts: Choose from a range of topics and discuss with leading experts over a coffee.
  6. Get fitter by enjoying some of the exercise opportunities on offer (Tai Chi, walking, jogging and cycling)