5 facts about Berlin

The conference will take place in Berlin. We found 5 interesting facts about this city.

  1. Every country has their own quirky street snacks. In Germany it is the currywurst. Did you know that people in Berlin consume a bit over 80 million portions of currywurst? They even have a museum dedicated to the snack.
  2. 500 000 foreigners from 185 countries live in Berlin! This makes Berlin a very multicultural city, with a huge diversity of culinary delights!
  3. There’s a saying that Berlin never sleeps, which is true when we’re talking about food! There are approximately 6500 restaurants, 2800 sandwich bars and over 545 ice cream parlours, cafés and other places that offer food and drinks from all over the world. There is no curfew in this city, which means that in Berlin you can visit restaurants, bars and cafés around the clock.
  4. Every hour about 18 people in Berlin move to a different neighbourhood!
  5. Most people choose to visit a museum on a rainy day; Berlin offers an impressive 180 museums to choose from. Luckily there are 106 rainy days a year, so enough time to for some cultural enrichment.