Please find an overview of posters below. You can visit the posters on both conference days.
Half of the posters will be presented by the authors on Friday and the other half on Saturday.

Posters presented on Friday 13.00 – 14.00 hrs

NumberPoster & Presenter
1Study of Students’ Lifestyle with Regard to Health in Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences
Erika Kubiliene
2Supplementary Prescribing for UK Dietitians
Najia Qureshi
3Tailoring Dietetic Care Documentation- a Novel Sectorial Approach
Shelly Rachman-Elbaum
4Table Top Memo Contents that Influence the Eating Habits of Japanese Workers
Maruyama Satomi
5Nutritional Education: Practical training in schools
Eva MariaTrescastro-López
6Nutritional status in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) before transplantation by Patient-Generated Subjective Global Asessment (PG-SGA)
Marleen Kosters
7Patients’ perspectives on the nutrition care process in cancer treatment: a qualitative study
Nanna R. Lang
8Effects of social medium eating habits and physical significants in nutrition and dietetic and psychology students
Nazli Batar
9Eating behavior of the employees in relays kitchen staff, the evaluation of Body Mass Index and Waist-Hip ratio
Nazli Batar
10Nutritional habits of the selected group of students and the risk of infertility
Małgorzata Mizgier
11Effect of nutrition and exercise habits in Type 2 diabetis patients
Nazli Batar
12Coconut fat healthy? What about peanut butter? Where Dutch consumers and dietitians (dis)agree
Carolien Schuurman
13A randomized controlled trial on the impact of a Mediterranean diet enriched with fatty fish on asthma in Greek children: Study Protocol
Papamichael Maria
14Effects of nutrition education for preschool children’s nutrition knowledge levels
Nazli Batar
15Portugal on fire – the (mis)management of access to water in emergency scenario
Marta Vasconcelos
16A self-assessment tool for the dietitian: definition of quality indicators for scientifically and evidence-based practice
Erika Vanhauwaert
17Evaluation of the salt content in the meals served in the Pombal town hall  and the Coimbra Health School canteens
Carolina Jordao
18Malnutrition is associated with mobility problems in Belgian nursing home residents and community dwelling older adults
Jolien Hofstede
19Malnutrition is highly prevalent in Belgian nursing home residents and community dwelling older adults, especially in those with depression and dementia
Jolien Hofstede
20Malnutrition is underestimated by health care professionals in older adults
Jolien Hofstede
21Treating migraine with nutrition strategies
Lera Stokman-Krasovskaya
22Special Olympics: Opportunities for Dietitians and Dietetic Students to Work with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
Daniela Grach
23The application of the dietetic process in dietetic practice – an evaluation by means of qualitative topic formation
Sonja Visontai
24Nutrition education changed the assortments of beverages served to meals in crèches in Poland
Anna Harton
25Culture & Health”: Using cultural differences to foster generic and specific key competences of future dietitians during their training
Elisabeth Fattinger
26Vulnerable groups: Preparing students for interdisciplinary approaches in their professional lives
Elisabeth Fattinger
27Development of a nutritional medical documentation as a basis of integrated nutritional medicine care
Stefanie Kohl
28Servings vs. dietary reference values in children up to 18 years of age
Martin Krobot
29Nutritional assessment of the departments for nutrition& dietetics and nursing students at a private university
Duygu Güçlü
30The accuracy of weight loss information in Albanian language, on the Internet
Vala Pupovci
31Improving the eating habits of children; time for a new paradigm
Suzanne Waddingham
32What is the impact of studying abroad on the lifestyle habits of international students?
Lore D’Helft
33Impact of maternal and paternal body mass index on their preschool children’s body mass index
Lazaridou Argyro
34Management of Dyslipidemia in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease, Family approach
Jitka Tomesova


Posters presented on Saturday 13.00 – 14.00 hrs

NumberPoster & Presenter
35Nutrition Assessment of Patients with Psychological Problems
Sonya Tsolmon
36Effect of dietetic treatment in the Dutch primary healthcare
Juul Verstappen
37Relationship between eating habits and lifestyle with body composition in university populations of Portugal and Belgium
Beatriz Neves
38Essential Oil of Eucalyptus Globulus: Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity in Vitro and in A Real Food System (Orangina Fruit Juice)
MN Boukhatem
39Whole school allergy awareness and practical action management to safeguard children with food allergies through a multidisciplinary collaboration that addresses nutrition and risk minimisation in preparing pupils for independent living
Katryn Styles
40Nutritional assessment of students in different grades from the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics
Zeynep Alban
41Diagnosing the nutritional status in Cerebral Palsy
Dea Schroder
42Nutritional Knowledge, Diet Quality, Physical Activity and Weight-related outcomes among university students in UK: baseline characteristics of an online educational intervention
Katerina Belogianni
43Spinal cord injury patients: weight management after rehabilitation
Elke Weener
44Insufficient dietary intake of cirrhotic patients in relation to disease stage
Meropi Kontogianni
45Vitamin C and cancer prevention: a review
Karolina Gruszecka
46”Schoolmistress, can I have a glass of water please?” Describing fluid intake of children at school
Clementine Morin
47Dietary and Physical Activity Habits of Turkish Cancer Patients Treating Radiotherapy
Merve Guney
48The implementation of a standardised nutrition assessment (Nutrition Care Process) into patient records in an Irish maternity hospital
Clare Corish
49Hunger increases visual attention to food cues in healthy controls
Nikoleta Stamataki
50Effect of Lactic acid bacteria during pregnancy and lactation in mice fed a high-fat diet
Nori Komatsuzaki
51Body composition between football players and sedentary
Cristina Farinha
52The Hungry Brain
Regina Barthen
53Effect of Medicines on Appetite and Sensory Food Perception
João Joaquim
54Grapefruit juice and its interaction with warfarin
João Joaquim
55Influence of Medications on the Nutritional Status of Patients
João Joaquim
56“I Choose Water” – the nationwide social educational campaign
Danuta Gajewska
57An investigation on nutrigenetics and its relation with diseases
Büşra Gürbüzer
58Development and validation of an equation based on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), estimating body composition on Greek population
Stathis Skoufas
59The role of dietitians in providing patients with hypercholesterolemia – the nationwide program “1000 visits for the heart”
Danuta Gajewska
60The Day Nutrition for the Elderly was Forgotten: A single-case study regarding Nutrition Care for Elderly in Aabenraa
Luise Kopp
61Affordability of a balanced diet in Belgium: Is it possible to eat healthy for 5 euro per day?
Magali Jacobs
62Lead toxicity and effects: an update review
Ana Lúcia Baltazar
63Adherence to the Mediterranean diet among employees
Vania Costa
64Supplementation adequacy in 3rd semester of pregnant women
Vania Costa
65”Pisa città che mangia sano”: nutritional education through a social network
Jessica Sapienza
66Consumer health and food research: Using e-science better
Angelika Mantur
67Food Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure: Underpinning future professional practice
Angelika Mantur