Poster Presentations

The posters below will be presented on Saturday October 24 between 12.00 and 14.00 hrs in the Erasmus Foyer.

1Dietary vitamin D
Gordana Jovanovic
2Changes in body composition due to individualized nutrition counselingGavrilas Laura Ioana
3The association between dietary amino acids and mental health in older overweight adultsWendy Walrabenstein
4Self-reported physical activity and use of complementary and alternative medicine in Turkish cancer patients under chemotherapy: A Pilot Study Gunes-Bayır Ayse
5Study about entomofagie (eating insects)Brigitte van der Geest
6Dietitians are still largely unknown in the German populationTeresa Spieker
7Nutritional knowledge is similar in primary school children of the first and fourth grade in two schools of a district capital in GermanyVioletta Kantner
8Increased number of meals linked to decreased visceral fat in healthy adults in GreeceAristea Kotsiaki
9Are advice received about diet and physical activity and current enjoyment of these lifestyle behaviours associated with quality of life of colorectal cancer survivors?Jose Breedveld
10The frequency of family meals do not associate with obesity rates in preschool childrenChristina Basta
11Malnutrition and muscle mass with traditional anthropometry and CT-scans in patients with end-stage liver diseases Daphne Both
12Mother’s perception strongly influences childhood obesity, in preschool childrenEleni Mpoloutsou
13The development and pre-test of a survey on energy balance related behaviours in young multi-ethnic children children (2-3 years) in Amsterdam Fenna van Veen
14Associations between dietary Ca, dietary vitamin D, body composition and bone mineral density in healthy adults Manos Konstantinos
15Effect of SMART goal setting on treatment continuation in primary care dietetic treatment (DIEET study) Eva Leistra
16Dietary value of triticale wholegrainsLiga Balode
17How to tempt adults into healthier eating behaviorLisa Steltenpool
18“The more the better?” – A survey on the topic protein in strength trainingNadine Moser
19The implementation of a standardised nutrition assessment and nutrition diagnosis into Irish dietetic documentation Orla Haughey
20International comparison of goals for the dietary treatment of overweight and obesityAnnika Pieterse
21Effect of Nutritional Assessment on treatment continuation in primary care dietetic treatment (DIEET study) Shawney Blijleven
22Nutrition and Dietetics abroad: Gaining perspectives with international peersRianne Stevens
24Association of quality and quantity of carbohydrate intake consumed by 12 months old infants from low socioeconomic status Boston, USA and anthropometric measurements at 12 and 24 months of ageEleni Anna Vampouli
25Increased television hours are not associated with childhood obesityNathalia Nicolaida
26Paternal education is associated with obesity in preschool aged childrenAikaterini Zormpa
30Opportunities for dietitians in hydration and patient carePauline Douglas
31Hydration: Assessment of student dietitians’ knowledge, attitudes and current/potential future practices Pauline Douglas
32Consumption of Low Calorie Beverages is associated with energy and nutrient intakes and diet qualitySigrid Gibson
33A residential therapeutic-rehabilitative program for obese patients: preliminary data on a case-control studyRoberta Jaccheri
34Eating healthy, growing healthy” – educational and research nationwide projectJoanna Myszkowska
35The analysis of the organization and nutrition in nurseries and kindergartens – research methodology and preliminary results of “Eating healthy, growing healthy” projectAnna Harton
36Dietetic service and “spending review”: quality of the catering service and nutritional care in hospitalAlice Barale
37Hands-on Demonstration of Facebook based role-play simulation to enhance students’ learning of clinical nutrition Shelly Rachman
38How to meet the adequate intake of water? science-based practical adviceIsabelle Guelinckx
39Water is the largest contributor to total fluid intake of children and adolescents in only one country out of twoIsabelle Guelinckx
40Assessment of total fluid intake: are we drinking enough?Isabelle Guelinckx