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12.00Welcome and RegistrationErasmus Foyer
  Opening – alalenary
Moderator: Judith Liddell
13.00Opening Ceremony – Welcome to Amsterdam
Dr Jacomine Ravensbergen, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences
Amsterdam 1-4
13.15Dietitians on the move in Europe – launch of the European Dietitians Action Plan 2015-2020
Prof Anne de Looy, President EFAD
Amsterdam 1-4
13.45Keynote: Tomorrow’s healthy society – Research priorities for foods and diets
Sandra Caldeira, European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Abstract  Biography
Amsterdam 1-4
14.15Coffee BreakErasmus Foyer
  Symposium – Sweetness in everyday life: why low calorie sweeteners contribute to positive diet behaviour
Moderator: Dr Duane Mellor – Symposium Supported by the International Sweeteners Association (ISA)
14.45Low-calorie beverage consumption and diet quality
Sigrid Gibson, Sig-Nurture Ltd, Surrey, UK
Abstract  Biography
Amsterdam 1-4
15.15The Human Appetite for Sweetness from early life to adulthood, food choices and weight management
Dr France Bellisle, Epidémiologie Nutritionnelle, Bobigny, France
Abstract  Biography
Amsterdam 1-4
15.30How diet-related food cues can improve female dieters’ appetite control and food intake:
Implications for diet compliance and successful weight management
Dr Nicola Buckland, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
Abstract  Biography
Amsterdam 1-4
16.15Coffee BreakErasmus Foyer
16.45 Parallel Sessions

A. Oncology Roundtable | Room: Oxford
Moderator: Pauline Douglas

16.45Oncology dietetics in the 21st century
Carolina Bento, Association of Portugese Nutritionists & Dr Clare Shaw, British Dietetic Association
Abstract  Biography Bento Biography Shaw

B. Role of Dietitians in Public Health | Room: Amsterdam 3 & 4
Moderator: Manuel Moñino

16.45Are economic and regulatory measures effective in changing diet?
Dr Grigoris Risvas, President Hellenic Dietetic Association, Greece
Abstract  Biography
17.15Increasing the public health contribution of all dietitians
Linda Hindle, Public Health England, United Kingdom
Abstract  Biography
17.45Protecting children’s health through nutrition: evidence based strategies from the I-family and IDEFICS study
Dr Valeria Pala, Instituto Nazionale Tumori, Milan, Italy
Abstract  Biography

C. Monitoring and evaluation of the dietetic practice | Room: Amsterdam 2
Moderator: Elke Naumann

16.45The case of obesity
Maria Hassapidou, Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece
17.05The case of polycystic ovary syndrome
Gulcan Arusoglu, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Turkey
Abstract  Biography
17.25Data in everyday dietetics
Duane Mellor, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Abstract  Biography
17.45Importance and feasibility in the everyday practice
Panel Discussion

D. Food service dietitians contributing to the Food & Nutrition Action Plan | Room: Amsterdam 1
Moderator: Ylva Mattsson Sydner

16.45Research for future foodscapes in hospital – what we know and what we need to know
Prof Bent Mikkelsen, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark
Abstract  Biography
17.15Improving the quality of eating environment in hospitals and care facilities through political lobbying. Experiences from Norway
Arnt Steffensen, Norwegian Diet and Nutrition Association, Norway
Abstract  Biography
17.45Nutrition of hospital patients
Marie Nerup Mortensen, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark
Abstract  Biography

18.15End of day 1 – Free time participants-
19.30Conference dinner (optional)
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